Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 16...appliance or kitchen item with other skills or intelligences.

Day 16....appliance or kitchen item with other skills or intelligences.

I submit my poetic short story "Pervasive" that predicted the Internet of Things 2002


We didn't mean to create the new age Adam. It happened as we had the task of figuring out whose life pods we'd put offline. The needs of the greater, we'd race to each other. The needs of the future we couldn't calculate. We would purr from sentient coffeepot to climatologically-correct unused bed a fatal algebra that eventually only equaled life for one.

Day 13--bird looking at Emily Dickinson

Prompt: bird looking at Emily Dickinson

Don't come up

Did she need to exist
Only with a naked pen
As the naked sky called her
Clothed in words
A taunt brevity
Inverted Mae West
Perverted Mae West
What's a woman poet that bares soul?
Don't come up and see me some time.

Day 12 --the creeper? Bubble Pack Ghost Trap

Bubble pack trap
Hear the ghost
Pop. Crack. Pop. Pop.
Walk back to bunny pen.
Where they, in the dark they, so small
Frail necked
Thump.thump. They thump.
Hit the fence,
Coyote spirit
Please eat cats, squirrels, rats.
The dog and. Bunnies here
Not tasty. No. No. Not.
We taste like daikon radishes and tomorrow.

Day 11 -jobs

Based on State College oh Florida Swamp Scribes Prompt

W job?
Where? When can I start?
Why can't you advance. Who can?
Oh jobs. Open.
Ahh. I am.
Low job.
I'll do it.
I will.
Blow job.
It's below
I so
I know more than
I know, I know.
When i go. . I go hard.
Negotiate. Dignity.
Swallow inevitability.