Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Haiku a thon 2013 DONE 90-100!!

Haiku 90
Here we go, last 10
Two bottles of champagne done
I'm coherent truth.

Haiku 91
I keep drinkin' cause
I love it. I keep grinding
Because I love it.

Haiku 92
Knick Knack Paddy Whack
Give me the soca riddim
in the top forty.

Haiku 93
I'm more Rob than Bob
I can dance living dead girl
long for Marley hope.

Haiku 94
Suge Knight killed Tupac
P diddy killed biggy..so
Justice this year please.

Haiku 95
I love my cat lady
she's my wild feline fatale
I paint her with love.

Haiku 96
Kiss me Kiss me please
I need to write four haikus
The well is so dry.

Haiku 97
At midnight I'd kiss
 a ghost who'd kiss me back hard
but coming back? No.

Haiku 98
My arms hold this world
so full of kaboom and hope
Lets explode nasty.

Haiku 99
Let's do this crazy
nip slips, carpet flips,let's fall
into the wild yes.

Haiku 100
I want to tell you
mad stories of fishing quiet
baitshacks, earth worms, love.

Haiku a thon 2013 DONE 90-100!!

Haiku 90
Here we go, last 10
Two bottles of champagne done
I'm coherent truth.

Haiku 91
I keep drinkin' cause
I love it. I keep grinding
Because I love it.

Haiku 92
Knick Knack Paddy Whack
Give me the soca riddim
in the top forty.

Haiku 93
I'm more Rob than Bob
I can dance living dead girl
long for Marley hope.

Haiku 94
Suge Knight killed Tupac
P diddy killed biggy..so
Justice this year please.

Haiku 95
I love my cat lady
she's my wild feline fatale
I paint her with love.

Haiku 96
Kiss me Kiss me please
I need to write four haikus
The well is so dry.

Haiku 97
At midnight I'd kiss
 a ghost who'd kiss me back hard
but coming back? No.

Haiku 98
My arms hold this world
so full of kaboom and hope
Lets explode nasty.

Haiku 99
Let's do this crazy
nip slips, carpet flips,let's fall
into the wild yes.

Haiku 100
I want to tell you
mad stories of fishing quiet
baitshacks, earth worms, love.

Haiku a thon 2013 81-90

Haiku 81
But you're a good girl
you want to get nasty, Hey
Blurred lines. You want it.

Haiku 82
Versace love it
Versace Versace Oh
Miami mansion.

Haiku 82

My Medusa head
Stinging tentacles free swim
This gorgon lives on.

Haiku 83
We kiss, We fell, vain
I came like a wrecking ball
See boobs online now.

Haiku 84
I did walk away
In seven year intervals
Reinvent again.

Haiku 85
No dynasty here
I'm a patchwork quilt I
like unraveling.

Haiku 86
Struggle hard against
The tribe rules to overwhelm
But own yourself. Now.

Haiku 87
Crave danger and play
To live real is to suffer
Survival is truth.

Haiku 88
I so used to be
Snow White and I drifted far
I am bad so good.

Haiku 89
Trying to keep it real
I find I don't talk at all
Real is soul silence.

Haiku 90
Here we go, last 10
Two bottles of champagne done
I'm coherent truth.

Haiku a Thon 2013 == 71-80

Haiku 71
Baby Let it go
the past is your loss, let live
 kick it up a notch.

Haiku 72
Want a better sleep?
We all deserve a dark passage
of silence, wonder.

Haiku 73
Everybody knows that
Know it all, do it all , you
suck life out of joy.

Haiku 74
Publicity stunts
the sex tape acknowledged as
major career moves.

Haiku 75

Miley Cyrus has
tricked up the whole game, she's good
now to top all that....

Haiku 76
It's for her own good
My dad said, I also say
as she falls asleep.

Haiku 77
Started from bottom
now the whole team is here, Ugh
Just a reminder.

Haiku 78
Yo Yo Yo what up
ya'll, this Southern thing so thick
Chug that gravy real.

Haiku 79
On the true nature
of haters, they don't like joy
Smother them with it.

Haiku 80
Maybe they will , won't
You gotta drive, steer the wheel
Only you solve it.

Haiku a thon 2013 61-70

Haiku 61
A state of the heart
the roller coaster blew the fuse
of begging to live.

Haiku 62

Great great grandmother
my blood hears inanimate
things talk. Wish we could.

Haiku 63

Hello cheap champagne
We're the best of friends again
What happens here...SHHH..

Haiku 64

We made it 2013
New scars, new ideas, places found
It's Naked O'Clock.

Haiku 65

Bring out the chainsaw
there's a shark-nado ahead
It is a promise.

Haiku 66
All New Beginning
This year the man bun so ruled
Better than mullet.

Haiku 67
Resolution -what?
Stand up. Stand out. Stand in. Stand
for something with heart.

Haiku 68
Amped up pug hears sound
fireworks pop, she woofs, she walks
the bunnies settle.

Haiku 69
I won an award
it was international
yet local? silence.

Haiku 70
Mental state in flux
creative impulse compells
Suck it Prozac.Hard.

Haiku a thon 2014 51-60

Haiku 51
Eat Dictionary
Consume a languid latin
Name world pretty things.

Haiku 52
Become transcendent
the voice said as I fell hard
5 inch platforms gone.

Haiku 53
I miss being on knees
gardening one with the earth
praying one with God.

Haiku 54
He should not belief
a word I said, because I'm
broken like curfew.

Haiku 55
Dear eHarmony
Passion ignited by feelings
restraining order.

Haiku 56

she drags everything down hard
toothpicks to build with.

Haiku 57
YOU! Femininism
I took it McDonald's style
when it was a map.

Haiku 58
Was she willing to hear
the same old story or did
she write on her skin.

Haiku 59
Friedrich Nietzche says
I before e for me, yes
and Budwieser. See?

Haiku 60
What doesn't kill us
makes us rant, whine, scream,cry, WINE
the bottle says- Quiet.

Haiku A thon 32-50 2013....

Haiku 32
Hell in hand basket
You would think it would not fit
Television screen.

Haiku 33
The woo hoo mermaid
Margarita mama dance
More woo for your hoo.

Haiku 34
Bad girl reformed. No...
Reformulated road trip
The wild side is mine.

Haiku 35
In the sharp edged dream
The most beautiful day - yes
It was mine, all mine.

Haiku 36
I lovingly say
Your heart is no bullshit zone
He writes from temple.

Haiku 37
Liquor on my mind
Jewel tones soft whispers life
Beguiling as shoes.

Haiku 38
I'm not the person I was
I tested all that lipstick
My shade is alone.

Haiku 39

Chasing dragon fastqq

I feel the burn, it's lost breath
There is no found here.

Haiku 40
At this point in life

My best friends are fragments

Dreams, warnings, tears, loss.

Haiku 41
I'd much rather be
A cautionary cocktail
Shaken, stirred and now.

Haiku 42
I'm just not that girl
The sweet look and laugh, smooth hair
I'm the car's skid marks.

Haiku 43
A room of strangers
Is an electrical field
Of caged live poetry.

Haiku 44

You are mad at me

You forget I'm more like wine
Friction, roses, mourns.

Haiku 45
Mustard on your face
I never loved anything greater
Than our last hotdog.

Haiku 46
I'm a moody itch

Persephone. Medusa.

Mary Magdalene.

Haiku 47
Chilling at Skinny's
I was here once with loved man,
Haunted barstool zone.

Haiku 48
My resolution
Is simply Don't Quit. Don't QUIT.
There's merlot for that.

Haiku 49
A-pear-rently this
Naked moment of hugging
Organic manic.

Haiku 50

What the cold beer said
Stay. False prophets are righteous.
Love is more liquid.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Haiku A Thon 2013 21-31

Haiku 21
Inspiration point
this Librarian is not
old school. Focal point.

Haiku 22
This vodka says things
Like more, like naked, like strip.
It says my blood sings.

Haiku 23
You there sweet merlot
Let's wine out this bitter next
let's be strangers-nude.

Haiku 24
The last time I drank
Tequila..glass window
Girl gone wild...and SOME.

Haiku 25
Rum runners steal time
giving back wild sunshine laughs
barstool as wisdom.

Haiku 26
Dancing home wiggling
Socially accepted moves
Police woman doubts.

Haiku 27
You're a bad, bad girl.
I'm a bad girl, she wiggles
and wags. She is love.

Haiku 28
It is so ghetto
what a sensation, a word
you should live, to use.

Haiku 29
Kicked me in the nuts
I can't imagine that yell
They are so so frail.

Haiku 30
This solo walk sings
an old song from the crossroads
make me an offer.

Haiku 31
Here a nip slip...there
a nip slip, slippy nippy
stay out of photos.

RhondaK Poem A Day - NaPoWriMo: Haiku a thon 2013 11-20

RhondaK Poem A Day - NaPoWriMo: Haiku a thon 2013 11-20: Haiku 11 Let's live defiant Against the bad all around Negate hate with joy. Haiku 12 Geeks seek leaks right now Super hackers ...

Haiku a thon 2013 11-20

Haiku 11
Let's live defiant
Against the bad all around
Negate hate with joy.

Haiku 12
Geeks seek leaks right now
Super hackers on speed dial
Big Bang therapy.

Haiku 13
easy to be blue
Take your turquoise blend with mint
Round waves to play in

Haiku 14
Can I be that man?
It isn't a question asked
It's a prophecy.

Haiku 15
I got you, I do
He balanced the wrench, palm up
Bounced it. Flipped it. Lied.

Haiku 16
She smells like Fritos
But she's sneaky freaky bad
Pugs don't do diets.

Haiku 17
The mission's purpose
Left no room for survival
She went anyway.

Haiku 18
I came for free beer
But I stayed for table dance
..under the table.

Haiku 19
I worked with life coach
She built me strict to do lists
She pulled my threads tight.

Haiku 20
It's straight up gorgeous
This house of paws and noses
Claws around my heart.

Haiku a thon 2013...end of year Haiku 1- 10

Haiku 1
I am like the sea
I am not a soul at rest
I thunder. I roll.

Haiku 2

Bible goes Walmart
Duck Dynasty brings back beard
In more ways than one.

Haiku 3

Be the change my friend
I am challenged to find peace
in this tangled road.

Haiku 4

Mapping my torso
forgets its breaths, its gasps, heart
keeps breasts as poems past.

Haiku 5

Alan, this promise
of haunting me, jail tattoos
The boat sunk like us.

Haiku 6

I found my first porn
in a ditch of bad water,
road kill, old tires, beer.

Haiku 7

Knight of rods or wands
passion, lust, action, impulse
Act first, think later.

Haiku 8

The woman within
is a frustrated warrior
fighting to act right.

Haiku 9
The pug snores so loud
the rabbit's ears jello shake,
I smile, she rumbles.

Haiku 10
Life as Paint drying
The staggered nature of now
water can revive.

Monday, April 29, 2013

#26 Cinder Thief

Dear, dear sister
we read your little tale.
We kept you in the basement
you say
we made fun of you because you were
you say
the most beautiful
you say
you were the outsider
you say
you were mocked
you say
you were not favored
so a fairy godmother came twinkling down
you say so well
she just gave you this mad night
you say so hell
to show everyone how much better you were
you lying thief
you took our dresses
you did
you took the one you liked
you did
you damaged the rest
you did
while we were out working
cause we do
while we were helping mother
cause we do
while you fixed your hair
all you do
and plotted to present yourself
all you do
as a princess
all you so
while we kept our house
our family
our faith
our shoes
and when the prince came
we shoved you into his arms as you
deserved each other
and we would have broken your every toe
to get you into those stolen shoes
happily ever after.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Poem # 24 Fishing in Heaven as a painting


#25 In love, memory

I painted this one on sign.

#24 Fishing in Heaven

This is a piece I'm incorporating into a painting.

Dear Lord,
Bless the dads that take their kids fishing.

That teach them slow in a fast world...

That show them love lasts longer than success...

That gives them wonder in a world that's often cruel.

Dear Lord, please make sure you take my dad fishing in heaven.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Poem #23: Eating Amsterdam

She woke up on the last day
after the tour
3 days past the coffee shop.
Running through the streets
she tasted the sea
felt the nautical ropes
the careless sea saying of old:
"only dead fish go with the tide..."
she ran past canals
felt the fatal architecture.
The witty gothic austerity
bounced off the dock
into her heart.
She left her luggage.

Poem #22 : Free Easy Getaways Being Still

Free Easy Getaways Being Still


Stand. Look at shadow.
Be the shadow’s shadow.

Read. Dance in paragraphs.
Strip down to naked sentence.

Swim. Let go weight.
Fly in silver dreams.

Dream. Wear crazy coats.
Hand sew mad connections.
IMAGE: Dali | Imaginations and Objects in the Future, 1975.

Poem 21 : Tour of My Lifetime

Tour Of My Lifetime

First, let’s look at the humble ant under grass blades on the old farm.

It said – live the life of the mind.

I kinda did. I sorta didn’t.

What does a 5 year know of minds..mine fields..walking through.

Then there was the forest that burned, that I mistook for the entire world.

A bittersweet poem resulted.  Embarrassing.

See, nothing ended. Goats live there. Coyotes. Probably a hash crop.

I keep thinking it is the end.

Not yet. Not yet.

He hit me hard – in the head –

With a champagne cork.

That night baby, began the dance of my life. THAT love.

Bubbly. That dance, my blood.  Longing and desire found a soul mate.

He came back years later to be mean.

The sweet dance said, I told you so and we swam sweetly in many calms seas.

My roads less traveled are covered in the unmistakable polka dots of high heels.

What do you expect at the end of the tour

But to go back

Spend more time at the places

Where life can be drank like blood through the heart

Like a grinning saint with the golden soul of a tourist the last night in town.

Poem 20 : The Mermaid I Should Paint

The Mermaid I Need to Paint

She’s helpless you see, in a STRONG way.

She’s got heavy ruby red nipples pierced with regret.

Her sighs tie whale songs into balloon knots.

Disney shudders to imagine her.

Graceless, cursing, drunk like a fish.

More sexual than sexy, more salty than the sea.

She’d have nothing good to say of dolphins or sharks other than…

They both taste like starfish

With just the tiniest hint

Of drowning fishermen.

Poem 19: Whiskey Obsession

Whiskey Obsession


It begins with the garter, a flutter against his right cheek.

I have to imagine,

The girl is honey toned and heavy.

The light goes right through her.

She tastes on his tongue like the laughter of centuries of wicked, aimless women.

There’s a revenge for this.

A sting.

He pats her on her tight ass.

One more. Just one more.

Poem 18 : Silence of My Father

Silence of My Father


Tip toe around the volcano,

That’s ice cold hot air frozen.

Still. So. Still.

A show of strength

Turns out

To be no show.

No. Show.

At all.

But the silent, invisible shimmer of heat coming off the asphalt on a Florida late summer.

---  Poem about my Father and the way he dealt with anger. Quiet. One sentence. Then silence.  I love and miss my father. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#16 Run On

This will not be the death
It is not a Fall unforgiving
This Spring will not be skipped
An angry few will not own this place
We stand
Even when we can't.

This will not be the death
It is hope unending a bloom
This faith changes lives
The worms will not take it,
Not thrive
Live when we can't.

This will not be the death
too many heartbeats to answer
Too many nerves to shatter
This battle will not shake it
It won't
Our word now in blood.

A sort of jeremiad...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

#13 Cure


When the circus and ER came together
lives were lost and lives were found.
The numbers danced like pigs in silk dresses
that is - undulated
these numbers of the beast
that were heartbeats
and elephant feet
dancing over the heads of sleeping mice
held in arms of children
not dreaming of cancer.

When hope became the ringmaster
the show became the greatest on earth
Let us pray now to Disney
for without dreams
life and death are twins.
When you cry at the end of a movie,
you remember it always.

Put the tight ropes in the waiting room
because then we all look up
mentally drawing wings on strangers with our prayers
The cure you see was always, always
the clown car.
There's more.
There's always more.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

#12 Garden of Weeding

Today's prompt : the Tanka. "
The Japanese tanka is a thirty-one-syllable poem, traditionally written in a single unbroken line. A form of waka, Japanese song or verse, tanka translates as "short song," and is better known in its five-line, 5/7/5/7/7 syllable count form." --See more at: http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/5793#sthash.trCeBDDV.dpuf

The break came Not with
the red snake's death, But new life
she decided to
let the weeds flourish, just grow
Because the bunnies loved them.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

#11 Noir Murder Death with Whiskey

It was't that she walked in on a cloud of silk,
It was more she tore a smoke red strip of it with each step
Ripping from my mind the case I was on flailing like a zombie.
Step. Heat. Step. Click. Step. Smolder.
She noired and smiled.
Toast with gin
Sweet sin
She wanted me.
To look for someone.

It was a smoky room, grey charcoal with fame and fog
Every paparazzi in town was following Big Daddy
Making this case as easy as taking whiskey from a baby,
But then. Smash. Then. My head. Then. Wake up in alley.
Son of a shot glass.
She naked lied.
She wanted me.
To die for her.

There comes a time, your gin leg empty and your whiskey full
Your mind on a beautiful woman with a terrible story
You rush in to save her without feeling her knife at your throat
He's dead. I know. He's dead. Why? He's dead. Lets go.
Running away in the night.
All dice rolled.
An all time loser.
She wanted me.
To disappear.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

#9 NaPoWriMo - Giant

No, girl, this is not happening
It is not happening again.

He's behind us I know.
But doesn't want us dead,
he wants us hushed.

He wants us like baby dolls
panties showing,
lipstick overshooting the Venus dip
He's lunging for our words
He's tearing the air to stop that song
See him slow down.

If he caught us, it'd be over.
We're pretty to watch.
Fun to imagine.
If we'd just shut the hell up.

Comply. He wants to
sew up our mouths
around his forever cock
he thinks is something else.

I know. He doesn't like us laughing either.
Not writing. No being. Not living.
Not working. No thriving.
Not having a thing to do with him.

Let's build a clever trap.
Let's give the giant what he wants from us
Shut him up. Bind his feet.
Feed him the poison he throws.

Because now our mouths are closed
in prayer, in a hymn, in a spell,
in a mantra, in a chant
Feed him the hope he doesn't know.

Let's bring down this giant,
Let's run him into the ground.
Let's laugh so hard the earth gives way
under his soft bones.

This clever giant doesn't understand this forest is our hearts.

 ---  about a dream of a friend

Monday, April 8, 2013

Poem 8 Crazy

Poem 8. Crazy

In the driving me crazy
They hit the red zone
The pugs in red lipstick
With no explanation.

In pushing my buttons
They grind them down
The bunny bite is slow
More like a tease.

She's shaking her head
He's stealing grapes
By my feet
Like he's invisible.

She's running NASCAR
He's flipping me off
Driving me crazy
Keeping me sane.

No, not wild animals
But dueling tricksters
Fancy pants archetypes
Ying. Yang. Yo.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

#7 Bites

I'm stuck here, trying to find the great symbol
This frame is history
This frame IS history
Like the flipping breathing flapping kind
I want to frame a day fishing with dad
Those hard impossible Saturdays
Where only Mosquitos bit.

These days in the dirt, the muck
By pits they dump bodies in, maybe live
How do I frame
How do I contain
What I complained so bitterly about
Worm dirt under fingernails, sunburn
Those weekends of hunting for a bite
Mosquitos obliged.

Of honor jar worms at end of dirt roads
Places my dad sat sketching
He never had the option for art
Just work, hard work, cruel work
And fishing and not so much catching
And two daughters who hated
Waiting for fish bites
In veils of Mosquitos.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

#6 NaPoWriMo : My Last Lost Cause

You're my last lost cause
slipping though holes
broken stories and heated synthetic brow
you could sweat in an ice storm, honey
blaming every on what people don't understand
some illogic you'll put  a full junkie bet on
as if those are wings and not horns you've grown so very prodigiously.

You're the last lost cause
I try to put the pants back on
pull back from the edge
The broken stars, baby,  you broke one by one
the accordion made of dust collapses frame by frame
each note absences
as if that was a song and not terrible punishment you can't leave.

You are the last lost cause
the last lie I try to live
that knocks holes in my walls, my soul, this hope
Honey, baby...this hope I breathe like air
Your choking junky nonsense suffocating Whys
you don't even remember
as if your intellect had not long fallen a victim to fear. Disappeared.

You are the last lost cause
I crawl to on knees through glass
for so much nothing, a refraction
no reflection, a jigsaw puzzle of stops signs
I blow through Stop. Just. Stop.
Space between us scars
As if your light weight could survive the hard truth of you.

Friday, April 5, 2013

#5 You are so Vein. NaPoWriMo

You are so vein
You whipping about vascular spectaculars
I've been brought to my knees.
In knots. Tussles with muscles
You see, I'm not this cloud of energy
But a bag of tricks
Sticks, stones, bones
A corporeal corpus
She says .. You are shaking.
my is skin stitched
Cheap dress seams look chic next to my shake
String run through
Tied in knots.
I'm held together by frail things
Like tears and tomorrows.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

NaPoWriMo #4 : Vision Thing

Vision Thing

Vision has a look here dance naked quality

While some vision has "you kids aren't going to want to see that" finger wag

Other vision says beyond THIS, there's a sweet valley we have not yet tasted

As another vision rocks in its arms dreams of freedom, rebirth and transcendence.

That vision thing tangles with this vision thing into a tumbleweed of vision rings to a roll across vast vision-less fields

and sings. Yes, she sings.

She does.

Many eyes tied to many hearts, that one love ( yes, yes - that one )

that tumbleweed of desperate dreams

sing that, vision thing

You're a bundle of better angels, a choir of thorns with wings.

Getting back in to the writing habit...

I feel like my poems right now are more like lists and I've been reading other people's feeling their depth, tug and grace.  But for some reason or a list of unfortunate events, I put down the pen last year this time and stopped my daily writing habit and discourse with myself. 

I am really excited about the way poetry reattaches you to the outside as well as the inside. To the NOW of things and shifts in perspective.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NaPoWriMo #3 : Nothing For You

There's nothing here for you..
the dogs snore is for heaven
the bunnies skip is for goodluck
the unread magazines are visions
the old carpet threads the newest scars.

There's nothing for you here.
the garage is full of sawdust
there's no fridge-o-beer
no hawks lurking for prey
there's no hunting dogs ready to howl

Here? There is nothing.
The bed is one size fits all.
Friday nights are alright for fighting.
You can dance if you want to.
Everyone has keys to the door but me.

The nothing that is here...
A hole in the wall unsolved
Belts that no longer buckle
Insults lay quiet unthrown
Peace rolls stretched out like a sleeping bunny.
One eye open.
Soft feet poised for flight.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NaPoWriMo #2 : Dance

Let's dance, my friend, my dancing
   friend, let's
throb and rob this night's end to a
  pretty party
where the dance is breath
where the steps take us
close to a God
who delights in our movement
and is praised by our laughter.

Monday, April 1, 2013

NaPoWriMo #1

Emergency Landing

Airplane caught in my hair
  the crash and burn is suspended for entertainment purposes only
Wings outstretched.
this ship
she goes no where.
The landing strip has been bare for years.
I long for that jet fuel burn to say I'm still alive
caught here in this ..
a photo
with an airplane good bye.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Poetry Starters... Nekkid Hotel...

I've been lining up some poetry starters and prompts in order to make it through NaPoWriMo in good shape. 

When looking for a hotel to stay when I visit NYC in May, I found articles about a new ish hotel in the meatpacking district with floor to ceiling windows that people are using to show off their action.

Hotels, hotel behavior, people at hotels, Hotel California would all be good topics.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Don't know what NATPWRIMO is?


From their site: "NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month, is an annual project in which participating poets attempt to write a poem a day for the month of April.
NaPoWriMo was founded in 2003, when poet Maureen Thorson decided to take up the challenge (modeled after NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month), and challenged other poets to join her. Since then, the number of participants has gotten larger every year, and many writers’ organizations, local, national and even international, organize NaPoWriMo activities.
Need more information? See the Wikipedia entry for NaPoWriMo!"

100 poetry writing ideas for NaPoWriMo

100 Poetry writing ideas for NAPOWRIMO...


A portion from Dr. T's well thought out list:

  1. Describing a person by describing his or her belongings.
  2. Speaking from the point of view of something you lost or misplaced.
  3. In the shape of its subject (a concrete poem)
  4. Telling about something that happened long ago, to you or to someone else.
  5. As a conversation between two people, objects, ideas, or animals.
  6. Defining words in strange and new ways
  7. About something in the news.
  8. As dialogue in a play
  9. With assonance (repeating the same vowel sounds)
  10. Using alliteration (repeating the same consonant sound)
  11. About noisy things in words that sound like the noises they make.
  12. In one loooooong sentence.
  13. About your favorite sport
  14. Pretending you are somebody else.
  15. With the title acting as the first line of the poem.
  16. Explaining what it's like to wake up in the morning, using sounds.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

This is my blog for NaPoWriMo. 

Join me in writing 30 poems in 30 days ....

Begins April 1.