Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 4 : What Marilyn Monroe Ate

 Day 4:  What Marilyn Monroe Ate

She said, raw eggs with milk
made that body
that silk
those legs
that build.
Stirred, not shaken.

She said, steak. Steak. More steak.
made that body
that ache
those shakes
that make
broiled, with bacon.

She said protein. Like a carnivore.
made that body
that roar
those claws
that more
Big Cat, not prey.

She said girls like me, meat
made that body
that heat
those raw
that week
Pills, last call.

Based on in part:

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 2: NaPoWriMo--writing as a lost item

NaPoWriMo Prompt from the State College of Florida - Write from the perspective of a lost item...

Beat It Heart She Said

It was supposed to be golden.
You know?
But she kept looking at the shadows.
The moon.
Stars. Fallen and forgotten.
The full moons reflection on the rolling sea was fair game.
She liked a wild ride.
When I say wild ride, I mean as close to edge as a razor might allow
A mule screaming down the Grand Canyon
A parrot reading back from a Spanish Soap opera
she was all those things wanting the drama
unmistakably insane intellect
the heightened sense of Happy Hour
the barstool's tall stare
the push up hard against the wall so hard teeth hit together in a clink of a darker wine.
She wanted that.
So I went along.
I'm not a tuning fork. I'm a heart.
I go go go
for as it is said..
"If you follow your heart, it doesn't matter where you end up."
Where she ended up was almost like an exorcism.
A faltering of vision
A blood filled fake diamond.
Down. Down. Down.
I fell as she marched away not looking back.
With a splat.
A fat mess of unfulfilled things wrapped around caught bouqueted platitudes.
Something blue.
It wasn't her.
She didn't look back.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 1: Stranger

Using the Day 1 Prompt from the State College of Florida NaWriPoMo 2014 Prompt Book.


I watch them every day
But it takes days to see them.
To peer down into the layers of bunny wild.
Their destiny to live fast, die young 
as prey.
Their secret languages.
One is a slow, slow, slow...
SLOW like geologic time wink.
It's strange.
Stranger still to see it
to know it
means ... love.

-- Rhonda K. Kitchens
April 1

Image:  RhondaK.  Bunny Bonez and Jezabel.