Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#16 Run On

This will not be the death
It is not a Fall unforgiving
This Spring will not be skipped
An angry few will not own this place
We stand
Even when we can't.

This will not be the death
It is hope unending a bloom
This faith changes lives
The worms will not take it,
Not thrive
Live when we can't.

This will not be the death
too many heartbeats to answer
Too many nerves to shatter
This battle will not shake it
It won't
Our word now in blood.

A sort of jeremiad...


  1. The persevering spirit of this piece is explosive. For being a jeremiad (thank you for introducing me to that word, I love it!), it is very hopeful. This poem feels like a celebration of the light at the end of the tunnel. "The worms will not take it" and "too many heartbeats to answer" are my favorite lines.

    I want to think this poem is in response to the Boston incident, but it could just as easily be a general "rise from ruin" poem. Either way, powerful.

  2. That is a great word...and has that this is how humans half dealt with anguish through out time.

    It has Xanax qualities, this form.