Saturday, April 6, 2013

#6 NaPoWriMo : My Last Lost Cause

You're my last lost cause
slipping though holes
broken stories and heated synthetic brow
you could sweat in an ice storm, honey
blaming every on what people don't understand
some illogic you'll put  a full junkie bet on
as if those are wings and not horns you've grown so very prodigiously.

You're the last lost cause
I try to put the pants back on
pull back from the edge
The broken stars, baby,  you broke one by one
the accordion made of dust collapses frame by frame
each note absences
as if that was a song and not terrible punishment you can't leave.

You are the last lost cause
the last lie I try to live
that knocks holes in my walls, my soul, this hope
Honey, baby...this hope I breathe like air
Your choking junky nonsense suffocating Whys
you don't even remember
as if your intellect had not long fallen a victim to fear. Disappeared.

You are the last lost cause
I crawl to on knees through glass
for so much nothing, a refraction
no reflection, a jigsaw puzzle of stops signs
I blow through Stop. Just. Stop.
Space between us scars
As if your light weight could survive the hard truth of you.


  1. I adore how the 'last lost cause' sounds. Flowing freely, like butter! (Don't mind me, lol)

  2. Thanks for checking it. I'm following you now.