Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Poem 21 : Tour of My Lifetime

Tour Of My Lifetime

First, let’s look at the humble ant under grass blades on the old farm.

It said – live the life of the mind.

I kinda did. I sorta didn’t.

What does a 5 year know of minds..mine fields..walking through.

Then there was the forest that burned, that I mistook for the entire world.

A bittersweet poem resulted.  Embarrassing.

See, nothing ended. Goats live there. Coyotes. Probably a hash crop.

I keep thinking it is the end.

Not yet. Not yet.

He hit me hard – in the head –

With a champagne cork.

That night baby, began the dance of my life. THAT love.

Bubbly. That dance, my blood.  Longing and desire found a soul mate.

He came back years later to be mean.

The sweet dance said, I told you so and we swam sweetly in many calms seas.

My roads less traveled are covered in the unmistakable polka dots of high heels.

What do you expect at the end of the tour

But to go back

Spend more time at the places

Where life can be drank like blood through the heart

Like a grinning saint with the golden soul of a tourist the last night in town.

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