Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 4 : What Marilyn Monroe Ate

 Day 4:  What Marilyn Monroe Ate

She said, raw eggs with milk
made that body
that silk
those legs
that build.
Stirred, not shaken.

She said, steak. Steak. More steak.
made that body
that ache
those shakes
that make
broiled, with bacon.

She said protein. Like a carnivore.
made that body
that roar
those claws
that more
Big Cat, not prey.

She said girls like me, meat
made that body
that heat
those raw
that week
Pills, last call.

Based on in part:

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  1. I love it, subtly tragic in tone and strong with that repetition and rhyme. Also, I'm really glad to see you writing again this year.