Wednesday, April 10, 2013

#11 Noir Murder Death with Whiskey

It was't that she walked in on a cloud of silk,
It was more she tore a smoke red strip of it with each step
Ripping from my mind the case I was on flailing like a zombie.
Step. Heat. Step. Click. Step. Smolder.
She noired and smiled.
Toast with gin
Sweet sin
She wanted me.
To look for someone.

It was a smoky room, grey charcoal with fame and fog
Every paparazzi in town was following Big Daddy
Making this case as easy as taking whiskey from a baby,
But then. Smash. Then. My head. Then. Wake up in alley.
Son of a shot glass.
She naked lied.
She wanted me.
To die for her.

There comes a time, your gin leg empty and your whiskey full
Your mind on a beautiful woman with a terrible story
You rush in to save her without feeling her knife at your throat
He's dead. I know. He's dead. Why? He's dead. Lets go.
Running away in the night.
All dice rolled.
An all time loser.
She wanted me.
To disappear.

1 comment:

  1. "She noired and smiled."
    sexy femme fatale- LOVE IT!