Tuesday, April 9, 2013

#9 NaPoWriMo - Giant

No, girl, this is not happening
It is not happening again.

He's behind us I know.
But doesn't want us dead,
he wants us hushed.

He wants us like baby dolls
panties showing,
lipstick overshooting the Venus dip
He's lunging for our words
He's tearing the air to stop that song
See him slow down.

If he caught us, it'd be over.
We're pretty to watch.
Fun to imagine.
If we'd just shut the hell up.

Comply. He wants to
sew up our mouths
around his forever cock
he thinks is something else.

I know. He doesn't like us laughing either.
Not writing. No being. Not living.
Not working. No thriving.
Not having a thing to do with him.

Let's build a clever trap.
Let's give the giant what he wants from us
Shut him up. Bind his feet.
Feed him the poison he throws.

Because now our mouths are closed
in prayer, in a hymn, in a spell,
in a mantra, in a chant
Feed him the hope he doesn't know.

Let's bring down this giant,
Let's run him into the ground.
Let's laugh so hard the earth gives way
under his soft bones.

This clever giant doesn't understand this forest is our hearts.

 ---  about a dream of a friend

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