Saturday, April 13, 2013

#13 Cure


When the circus and ER came together
lives were lost and lives were found.
The numbers danced like pigs in silk dresses
that is - undulated
these numbers of the beast
that were heartbeats
and elephant feet
dancing over the heads of sleeping mice
held in arms of children
not dreaming of cancer.

When hope became the ringmaster
the show became the greatest on earth
Let us pray now to Disney
for without dreams
life and death are twins.
When you cry at the end of a movie,
you remember it always.

Put the tight ropes in the waiting room
because then we all look up
mentally drawing wings on strangers with our prayers
The cure you see was always, always
the clown car.
There's more.
There's always more.


  1. Wow. So lovely. I love the things you say here. This is precisely why I love Disney and the power of movies to bring us out of ourselves and truly mend hurts. Great poetry, Rhonda.

  2. "When the circus and ER came together."
    Sums up last circus and carnage.