Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 6 moon

Prompt by Swamp Scribe, Ashley Lamb.

From this world, we can observe the incandescent sun, the ivory moon, and the star ocean above us.

For this poem piece, write about the mysteries of space and beyond.


D____ L____’s. Albert Goldbarth
Drinking under the Moon She Goes Laughing: Margo Tamez


This Mad Moon

Draped over the overpass
Johnny's neo Confederate badonkydonk
Was white against a country black sky.
Some horns blared.
A woooo was often followed by a hoooo.
Impeach Obama yeah
Fell into the passing lane and rolled in a ditch.
The concrete was uncomfortable.
It'd been more fun drinking about
Black markering Obama on his white ass
Than thinking on an overpass.

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