Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 7 - Dream Houses


Write a poem based on of artworks from the one of the pieces in Joseph G. Loccisano's “Dream House” series. This ongoing series is visual poems exploring the “house” metaphor in dreams.

Write about your "dream house."

Examples of poems about houses:
"The Widow's House, " Sarah Orn Jewett
"House: Some Instructions." Grace Paley.

Joseph G. Loccisano,
Department: Art, Design, HumanitiesTitle: Art Gallery Manager



It's a rib cage with a heart beating inside
Like a baby bunny's soft eyes
Like a tiger cracking neck bones
Like a puppy's too big feet
Like a hawk beak scissoring a live snake
Don't ring that bell unless you know in is out
That the gin is poisoned with immortality
That you've got what it takes
With no where to take it.

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