Wednesday, April 9, 2014

day 8 - social media

PROMPT by Swamp Scribe Joshua Felthoff

Social media, despite the intention of connecting people together, seems to drift society away from being truly interactive with one another.

Craft a poem that reflects your personal view of social media.

Just a thought:

What happens when a poet uses Instagram? Rio Jones: Poet Laureate of Instagram


Revenge Porn Backfire

All that was recognizable
Really all it had was her voice saying things
Things, such things
That really she could have said at a horse track
Spank that ass
Come on, come on
A little to the outside,
But this dark horse showed up on YouTube,
Where she was finally blessed
Blessed such blessings
That her body had a wondrous beauty
A sultry counter note
More than one finish line.

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