Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 9 -identity

PROMPT from Professor Marcy Murray

Write a poem about identity--- self-identity versus what others see; are they the same? What about how you see others?

Consider age --Grandma is an old lady, but she hasn't always been one.

Look at gender roles & stereotypes: "Sissy is a little tomboy, she must be a lesbian."

Consider race, physical/mental abnormalities and look at how identity depicted in faery tales, novels or even politics.


Passing. Toi Derricotte.
Song of Myself. Walt Whitman.


Is it Real?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Mothasucka
It's real. Bam.
Is that real?
Bam. Bam.
Is that real?
If I tell you you're ugly-is that hurt real?
If I replace your Diet Coke with a coke-is the diet real?
If I drive down a one way street-is it still one way?
If I kiss you with tongue all in your mouth-are your words mine?
If I walk your dog -am I your dog walker?
If I marry your mama-am I your daddy?
If I drive your car -am I your chauffeur?
If I live with my heart on my sleeve-am I naked?
You don't know me.
You don't know me.
You know me not.
And that, you suckweed, is real.

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