Monday, December 30, 2013

Haiku a thon 2013 11-20

Haiku 11
Let's live defiant
Against the bad all around
Negate hate with joy.

Haiku 12
Geeks seek leaks right now
Super hackers on speed dial
Big Bang therapy.

Haiku 13
easy to be blue
Take your turquoise blend with mint
Round waves to play in

Haiku 14
Can I be that man?
It isn't a question asked
It's a prophecy.

Haiku 15
I got you, I do
He balanced the wrench, palm up
Bounced it. Flipped it. Lied.

Haiku 16
She smells like Fritos
But she's sneaky freaky bad
Pugs don't do diets.

Haiku 17
The mission's purpose
Left no room for survival
She went anyway.

Haiku 18
I came for free beer
But I stayed for table dance
..under the table.

Haiku 19
I worked with life coach
She built me strict to do lists
She pulled my threads tight.

Haiku 20
It's straight up gorgeous
This house of paws and noses
Claws around my heart.


  1. A single lone island
    In the middle of the sea
    Captures what is “me"

  2. Double vision now
    See one thing multiplied twice
    My world divided

  3. Stars in a night sky
    Bring time traveled from the past
    In light history

  4. Floating in a dream
    With mental warring actors
    Playing with my mind

  5. The endless soul search
    For the terminal answer
    Can be infinite

  6. My life was over
    Under the surgeons sharp tools
    Then painfully woke

  7. Wisdom in loves grasp
    Captured my spirit at last
    And never gave up

  8. Chicken Noodle Soup
    Fights my internal illness
    But it missed my mind

  9. One cold day for hell
    Waits inside of the casket
    When dirt covers it