Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Haiku a Thon 2013 == 71-80

Haiku 71
Baby Let it go
the past is your loss, let live
 kick it up a notch.

Haiku 72
Want a better sleep?
We all deserve a dark passage
of silence, wonder.

Haiku 73
Everybody knows that
Know it all, do it all , you
suck life out of joy.

Haiku 74
Publicity stunts
the sex tape acknowledged as
major career moves.

Haiku 75

Miley Cyrus has
tricked up the whole game, she's good
now to top all that....

Haiku 76
It's for her own good
My dad said, I also say
as she falls asleep.

Haiku 77
Started from bottom
now the whole team is here, Ugh
Just a reminder.

Haiku 78
Yo Yo Yo what up
ya'll, this Southern thing so thick
Chug that gravy real.

Haiku 79
On the true nature
of haters, they don't like joy
Smother them with it.

Haiku 80
Maybe they will , won't
You gotta drive, steer the wheel
Only you solve it.

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