Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Haiku a thon 2013 81-90

Haiku 81
But you're a good girl
you want to get nasty, Hey
Blurred lines. You want it.

Haiku 82
Versace love it
Versace Versace Oh
Miami mansion.

Haiku 82

My Medusa head
Stinging tentacles free swim
This gorgon lives on.

Haiku 83
We kiss, We fell, vain
I came like a wrecking ball
See boobs online now.

Haiku 84
I did walk away
In seven year intervals
Reinvent again.

Haiku 85
No dynasty here
I'm a patchwork quilt I
like unraveling.

Haiku 86
Struggle hard against
The tribe rules to overwhelm
But own yourself. Now.

Haiku 87
Crave danger and play
To live real is to suffer
Survival is truth.

Haiku 88
I so used to be
Snow White and I drifted far
I am bad so good.

Haiku 89
Trying to keep it real
I find I don't talk at all
Real is soul silence.

Haiku 90
Here we go, last 10
Two bottles of champagne done
I'm coherent truth.

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