Monday, December 30, 2013

Haiku a thon 2013...end of year Haiku 1- 10

Haiku 1
I am like the sea
I am not a soul at rest
I thunder. I roll.

Haiku 2

Bible goes Walmart
Duck Dynasty brings back beard
In more ways than one.

Haiku 3

Be the change my friend
I am challenged to find peace
in this tangled road.

Haiku 4

Mapping my torso
forgets its breaths, its gasps, heart
keeps breasts as poems past.

Haiku 5

Alan, this promise
of haunting me, jail tattoos
The boat sunk like us.

Haiku 6

I found my first porn
in a ditch of bad water,
road kill, old tires, beer.

Haiku 7

Knight of rods or wands
passion, lust, action, impulse
Act first, think later.

Haiku 8

The woman within
is a frustrated warrior
fighting to act right.

Haiku 9
The pug snores so loud
the rabbit's ears jello shake,
I smile, she rumbles.

Haiku 10
Life as Paint drying
The staggered nature of now
water can revive.

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