Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Haiku A thon 32-50 2013....

Haiku 32
Hell in hand basket
You would think it would not fit
Television screen.

Haiku 33
The woo hoo mermaid
Margarita mama dance
More woo for your hoo.

Haiku 34
Bad girl reformed. No...
Reformulated road trip
The wild side is mine.

Haiku 35
In the sharp edged dream
The most beautiful day - yes
It was mine, all mine.

Haiku 36
I lovingly say
Your heart is no bullshit zone
He writes from temple.

Haiku 37
Liquor on my mind
Jewel tones soft whispers life
Beguiling as shoes.

Haiku 38
I'm not the person I was
I tested all that lipstick
My shade is alone.

Haiku 39

Chasing dragon fastqq

I feel the burn, it's lost breath
There is no found here.

Haiku 40
At this point in life

My best friends are fragments

Dreams, warnings, tears, loss.

Haiku 41
I'd much rather be
A cautionary cocktail
Shaken, stirred and now.

Haiku 42
I'm just not that girl
The sweet look and laugh, smooth hair
I'm the car's skid marks.

Haiku 43
A room of strangers
Is an electrical field
Of caged live poetry.

Haiku 44

You are mad at me

You forget I'm more like wine
Friction, roses, mourns.

Haiku 45
Mustard on your face
I never loved anything greater
Than our last hotdog.

Haiku 46
I'm a moody itch

Persephone. Medusa.

Mary Magdalene.

Haiku 47
Chilling at Skinny's
I was here once with loved man,
Haunted barstool zone.

Haiku 48
My resolution
Is simply Don't Quit. Don't QUIT.
There's merlot for that.

Haiku 49
A-pear-rently this
Naked moment of hugging
Organic manic.

Haiku 50

What the cold beer said
Stay. False prophets are righteous.
Love is more liquid.

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