Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Haiku a thon 2013 61-70

Haiku 61
A state of the heart
the roller coaster blew the fuse
of begging to live.

Haiku 62

Great great grandmother
my blood hears inanimate
things talk. Wish we could.

Haiku 63

Hello cheap champagne
We're the best of friends again
What happens here...SHHH..

Haiku 64

We made it 2013
New scars, new ideas, places found
It's Naked O'Clock.

Haiku 65

Bring out the chainsaw
there's a shark-nado ahead
It is a promise.

Haiku 66
All New Beginning
This year the man bun so ruled
Better than mullet.

Haiku 67
Resolution -what?
Stand up. Stand out. Stand in. Stand
for something with heart.

Haiku 68
Amped up pug hears sound
fireworks pop, she woofs, she walks
the bunnies settle.

Haiku 69
I won an award
it was international
yet local? silence.

Haiku 70
Mental state in flux
creative impulse compells
Suck it Prozac.Hard.

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