Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Haiku a thon 2014 51-60

Haiku 51
Eat Dictionary
Consume a languid latin
Name world pretty things.

Haiku 52
Become transcendent
the voice said as I fell hard
5 inch platforms gone.

Haiku 53
I miss being on knees
gardening one with the earth
praying one with God.

Haiku 54
He should not belief
a word I said, because I'm
broken like curfew.

Haiku 55
Dear eHarmony
Passion ignited by feelings
restraining order.

Haiku 56

she drags everything down hard
toothpicks to build with.

Haiku 57
YOU! Femininism
I took it McDonald's style
when it was a map.

Haiku 58
Was she willing to hear
the same old story or did
she write on her skin.

Haiku 59
Friedrich Nietzche says
I before e for me, yes
and Budwieser. See?

Haiku 60
What doesn't kill us
makes us rant, whine, scream,cry, WINE
the bottle says- Quiet.

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