Monday, December 30, 2013

Haiku A Thon 2013 21-31

Haiku 21
Inspiration point
this Librarian is not
old school. Focal point.

Haiku 22
This vodka says things
Like more, like naked, like strip.
It says my blood sings.

Haiku 23
You there sweet merlot
Let's wine out this bitter next
let's be strangers-nude.

Haiku 24
The last time I drank window
Girl gone wild...and SOME.

Haiku 25
Rum runners steal time
giving back wild sunshine laughs
barstool as wisdom.

Haiku 26
Dancing home wiggling
Socially accepted moves
Police woman doubts.

Haiku 27
You're a bad, bad girl.
I'm a bad girl, she wiggles
and wags. She is love.

Haiku 28
It is so ghetto
what a sensation, a word
you should live, to use.

Haiku 29
Kicked me in the nuts
I can't imagine that yell
They are so so frail.

Haiku 30
This solo walk sings
an old song from the crossroads
make me an offer.

Haiku 31
Here a nip slip...there
a nip slip, slippy nippy
stay out of photos.

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