Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Haiku a thon 2013 DONE 90-100!!

Haiku 90
Here we go, last 10
Two bottles of champagne done
I'm coherent truth.

Haiku 91
I keep drinkin' cause
I love it. I keep grinding
Because I love it.

Haiku 92
Knick Knack Paddy Whack
Give me the soca riddim
in the top forty.

Haiku 93
I'm more Rob than Bob
I can dance living dead girl
long for Marley hope.

Haiku 94
Suge Knight killed Tupac
P diddy killed biggy..so
Justice this year please.

Haiku 95
I love my cat lady
she's my wild feline fatale
I paint her with love.

Haiku 96
Kiss me Kiss me please
I need to write four haikus
The well is so dry.

Haiku 97
At midnight I'd kiss
 a ghost who'd kiss me back hard
but coming back? No.

Haiku 98
My arms hold this world
so full of kaboom and hope
Lets explode nasty.

Haiku 99
Let's do this crazy
nip slips, carpet flips,let's fall
into the wild yes.

Haiku 100
I want to tell you
mad stories of fishing quiet
baitshacks, earth worms, love.

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